Experience God's Healing Power & Learn to Share it with Others

Learn Directly from Renowned Bible Teacher Marilyn Hickey

Marilyn Hickey's Divine Healing Course will help you experience God's healing for yourself—and equip you to share His healing power with others!
Through the 18-plus video lessons, Marilyn will personally teach you:
  • the Biblical foundation of healing
  • how Jesus paid the price for sin and sickness
  • the source of sickness
  • the steps to receive healing with Marilyn personally praying for your needs—body, soul, and spirit
  • healing for life's hurts and emotional pain
  • a variety of methods to share healing with others.

Interactivity Gives you Options. Makes Learning Fun

The interactive nature of the course allows you to choose lesson topics in your order of preference! As you proceed through 18-plus video lessons, you will enhance your personal understanding of biblical healing, build your faith, and be equipped to share God's healing ministry with others. Because the course is completely online, you can study completely at your own speed, revisit lessons, and listen to Marilyn's prayers as often as you wish.

Open to Everyone. Earn a Certificate.

The course is open to everyone who wants to learn more about God's miracle provision of healing. You can even earn an ORU Quest Certificate by completing the lesson quizzes.

Marilyn Hickey's Divine Healing Course Only Costs $80—Here's What's Included:

  1. 24-hour access to the dynamic interactive course featuring 18-plus video lessons
  2. Marilyn's prayers for physical and emotional healing, for salvation, and for boldness
  3. Marilyn Hickey Healing Course Journal that helps you explore the lessons and God's Word more deeply—with action steps that help equip you to use what you learn!

Receive God's Healing Touch. Share His Precious Gift of Healing With Others

Learn More About Marilyn Hickey
At the age of 42, Marilyn Hickey responded to God’s call on her life to ‘cover the earth with His Word’ (Isaiah 11:9). The natural inclination to reach out, to celebrate people and culture, were traceable in Marilyn’s formative years; yet she had no idea how God would send her around the globe teaching the Bible and building bridges with people of all cultures and religious backgrounds, especially in the Muslim world.

The Lord has continually opened doors of opportunity for Marilyn in nearly 130 countries. This includes private meetings and prayer with high- ranking Muslim and Hindu government officials. Her lectures on healing and the Bible have broken records for the largest public meeting ever held in that nation’s history, including Cairo, Egypt and Pakistan. You can learn more about Marilyn Hickey at www.marilynandsarah.org or call 918.495.6735 for any help.